Key Departmental Powers and Functions:

  • Integrated development planning for the district municipality as a whole
  • Bulk supply of water (Planning and Implementation)
  • Bulk sewage purification works and main sewage disposal (Planning and Implementation)
  • Municipal district solid waste sites (Planning)
  • Municipal district roads (Planning)

  • Name: Mr. T.G. Soko
  • Personal Assistant.: Ms. S.V. Buthelezi
  • Tel: 035 8745617

Key Functions:

  • Strategic leadership and management of the Planning Services Department
  • Budget planning and monitoring of expenditure
  • Project management and performance monitoring

Water Services Authority

  • Deputy General Manager: Mr. X. Buthelezi
  • Tel: 035 8745541
  • Email:

Key Functions:

  • Progressively ensure efficient. affordable, economical and sustainable access to water services
  • Prepare and implement and report on the implementation of the water services development plan
  • Enter into contracts and joint ventures with water service providers
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of water service providers and intermediaries
  • Make bylaws to regulate water use

Project Management Unit

  • Deputy General Manager: Mr. S. Kheswa
  • Tel: 035 87455xxx
  • Email:

Key Functions:

  • Set conditions for the provision of water services
  • Prepare procedures for the limitation and discontinuation of water services
  • Nominate sources for the use of water
  • Approval of the disposal of industrial effluent

Planning Administration

  • Deputy General Manager: Mr. M. Ngcobo
  • Tel: 035 8745618
  • Email:

Key Functions:

  • Co-ordination of district wide municipal spatial planning
  • Preparation and review of an Integrated Development Plan
  • Preparation and implementation of a Municipal District Spatial Development Framework Plan
  • Development, management and review of a rural road asset management system for the area of the district

Geographic Information Systems & Environmental Management

  • GIS Officer: Mr. M. Bukhosini
  • Tel: 035 87455xxx
  • Email:

Key Functions:

  • Co-ordination of district wide environmental management planning
  • Preparation of an environmental management framework and plan for the area of the district
  • Monitoring implementation of project specific environmental management plans
  • Name: Ms. T. Masango
  • Tel. 035 8745618

  • Name: Ms. N. Dludla
  • Tel. 035 8745541

Key Functions:

  • Day to day operations of the administrative unit
  • Filing and record keeping
  • Receiving and distributing correspondence

Policies and Bylaws

  • Water Services Bylaws
  • Geographic Information Systems Policy

Strategic Documents

  • Water Services Development Plan
  • Integrated Development Plan
  • Environmental Management Framework
  • Spatial Development Framework
  • Annual Report (Municipal Affairs)