About the Department

Planning Services


The Planning and Community Development Department is responsible for the following functions within the Municipality.

  • Integrated Development Planning that includes sector studies, Land Use Management, Spatial Development and Performance Management.
  • Water Services Authority which includes water services development planning, water services regulations, tariffs and water services provider management.
  • Solid waste and in particular policy making and regulation and the planning of Regional Sites.
  • Municipal Roads (only District)
  • Regulation and Planning of passenger transport services.

Other Functions:

  • Systems development including Geographic Information System and Website Development.
  • Performance Management and Measurement.
  • Land and Environment.
  • Customer Care.
  • Business Plans and Funding Applications.

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To strive for excellence in delivery to enable the Zululand District Municipality to remain a leader in KZN

“Sisebenzela abantu!”

“We serve the people”

Planning and Community Development Services 


“Provision of a quality and sustainable planning and implementation support service to municipalities within the Zululand District.”


  •  CPTR Phase 1 Annexures_42_73.pdf (0.15 Mb)
  •  CPTR Phase 1 Report_41_.pdf (0.93 Mb)

Masterplan 2002

  •  Solid Waste Management Master Plan.pdf (0.19 Mb)

Documents relating to the water services provision function may be found in this section of the website.

ZDM Regional Schemes

Water Provision Agreements

The document listed below relate to the Natal Spa Agreement which provides for the water provision function to be carried out by the Abaqulusi Municipality.

  •  Natal Spa Water Service Provider Agreement – Abaqulusi Municipality.pdf (1.28 Mb)
  •  Natal Spa Water Service Provider Agreement Extension – Abaqulusi Municipality.pdf (0.08 Mb)
  •  ZDM EMP_.pdf (1.08 Mb)
  •  Zululand Agriculture Sector Plan.pdf (0.33 Mb)
  •  Zululand Business Sector Plan.pdf (1.49 Mb)
  •  Zululand Cemetery Master_April 2003.pdf (0.6 Mb)
  •  Zululand Disposal Regionalisation Investigation.pdf (3.25 Mb)
  •  Zululand LED Strategy.pdf (2.31 Mb)
  •  Zululand Public Transport Plan.PDF (1.63 Mb)
  •  Zululand Social Development Plan.pdf (1.23 Mb)
  •  Zululand Spatial Development Framework.pdf (4 Mb)
  •  Zululand Telecommunications Sector Plan.pdf (0.52 Mb)
  •  Zululand Disaster Management Sector Plan.pdf (6.6 Mb)
  •  Zululand EMF&SEMP.pdf (11.28 Mb)
  •  Zululand Housing Sector Plan.pdf (12.16 Mb)
  •  P700 Strategic Corridor 1 ImplementationPlan 2017.pdf (8.39 Mb)